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A membership in Shenandoah Rose Society will bring you great rewards in learning to grow beautiful roses and being able to share them with friends and neighbors.  It is not difficult when you learn what to do and when to do it.  The Shenandoah Rose Society will teach you how.

Joining a rose society can bring you great rewards and pleasure in being able to grow beautiful roses.  The rose is our national floral emblem.  Being able to grow and share a beautiful bouquet with family, friends and neighbors can be yours.  The rose society can teach you how to grow beautiful roses in your own garden.  The secret is all in knowing what to do and when to do it.
The Shenandoah Rose Society now offers memberships to please everyone from youths to beginners to more experienced individuals.  You receive monthly newsletters and there are monthly meetings which you are encouraged to attend that will provide training and informational programs to help you grow roses.  There are social times and opportunities to visit other member's gardens.  The Society has something to offer for the person who knows nothing about growing roses to the more experienced rosarian.
There are several membership levels for you to choose from.
Full membership:  You receive 10 monthly newsletters.  There are 10 meetings during the year, one of which is a rose exhibition (in September).  Most of the meetings have an educational program with a speaker.  Full membership is $12.00 per year.
Membership renewal:  Renew each year to continue your membership and benefits of the Society.  Renewal is $12.00 per year.
Trial membership:  The Society now offers a four-month trial membership.  With the trial membership you receive 4 newsletters and may attend the local monthly meetings and seminars.  At the end of the trial period you will be encouraged to take a full membership.  Trial memberships are not renewable.  The trial membership is $4.00.
Youth membership:  The Society is now offering membership for youth up to 18 years of age.  You will get a monthly newsletter and may attend all local meetings and seminars.  We encourage our youth to learn to grow and appreciate the rose.  Youth memberships are $6.00 per year and may be renewed.

Special Offer - If you join by July 30th we are offering a membership for the remainder of 2018 for just $5 which includes the member and spouse.  This will also include a 4 month free membership in the American Rose Society.  Offer expires July 30, 2018.  Normal year membership is $12 which includes member and spouse.  2019 membership and renewal is due by January 31, 2019

 Membership Application